Suburbs Done Right

June 17, 2011

It’s the American Dream: labor slavishly, live austerely in a decrepit city apartment, and some day, you will raise a down payment on a suburban house. Once there, you will happily retreat from the bustling, friendly playgrounds and noisy streets of the concrete jungle to the quiet, atomized solitude of backyard playstructures, nights at home before the blue flicker of television, and weekends devoted to assiduous lawn care. Your home will become both your castle and your monument to your own hard work and achievements, and naturally, you’ll want it to stand out, in a beautiful way. That being said, you’ll want a mason to make you a customized stone driveway with your address emblazoned at the base. But do you know how much that will cost? Actual thousands of dollars, for something no more functional than the blacktop it replaces. That’s the kind of news that makes the city rise up in a recently suburbanized homeowner – both the city indignation at the costs and inconveniences of life and, perhaps, the city-dweller’s make-do ingenuity. And thence springs an idea: why not hire a skilled graffiti artist to paint a custom stone driveway onto your blacktop, tromp l’oeil style? You get the beauty of stone and the functionality of asphalt, all at a fraction of the price. Brilliant, I say. Brilliant:




4 Responses to “Suburbs Done Right”

  1. River said

    this is wonderful. one minor quibble: stone driveways (among other materials) do have significant advantages over blacktop. porous surfaces can reduce surface runoff, help aquifer recharging, reduce heat island effects, and more.

  2. Chris said

    That IS brilliant. I want to see this combined with a tromp l’oeil garage door treatment. There is a house on Route 28 in the Catskills that has a two car garage with the painted rear views of two circa 1920s automobiles, complete with real vintage license plates installed. As a child, I didn’t understand why my parents didn’t immediately see fit to do the same to our own garage door.

  3. Bunnybee said


  4. Still wouldn’t want to live in the ‘burbs (having grown up there). But props to the artist.

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