Concerning Desire, and Marriage

May 31, 2011

Above is the craigslist post for a massively lifted, four-wheel drive 1973 Chevelle: $2500, trades accepted. Here’s a slightly larger view of what we’re talking about:

Here’s the gchat exchange I had with my wife concerning this exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

me:  I know what I want for my birthday


me: go ahead. ask me what it is.


me: OK, I’ll tell you. It’s this:

[three minutes of silence]

me:  Anna, it’s $2500 ( and the guy will take trades! I could probably trade my truck for that. 4-wheel drive!

[seven minutes of silence]

Anna:  no


One Response to “Concerning Desire, and Marriage”

  1. I'm with stupid said

    You’ve been in the suburbs too long.
    Thank you, Anna.

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