Crazy Monster Guy

March 9, 2011

Reuben likes to draw on the iPad. He draws big, fat, loopy lines with his finger. Then he says, “Daddy, make it into something.” Sometimes he specifies what, sometimes not. Then I shrink it, turn it, erase a little bit, and do what I can. Sometimes the results are unimpressive (although Reuben is always enthused). Now and then, the results are neat enough to save and even share. Here is one of the latter group (Reuben made the face, more or less, the requested that I make a “crazy monster guy”):


2 Responses to “Crazy Monster Guy”

  1. Alice said

    WOW! Scary dude!

  2. your mother's ex said

    And they say that dinosaurs had small brains. This dude has a braincase to be reckoned with!

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