Citizen Journalism at its Finest: Shut-in Nature Photography

January 12, 2011

If there is one thing that can displace the incessant stream of murders, car crashes, and baby-left-in-car-at-shopping-mall stories that populate the local newscasts here in the Land of Steady Habits, it is the prediction of a coming snowstorm. Experience has shown that whether the meteorological prognostications prove exaggerated or even wholly illusory, that portion of the regional journalistic corps dedicated to less probing but more salacious fare will invariably spring into action, taking up stations beside highways and offices of governmental administration to report LIVE from the sites where events occurred hours earlier (governor’s announcement of disaster preparations) or where they may occur later on (roads to be choked with snow).

I must confess that for all the derision I rightly heap on the local news, I share the unreasonable enthusiasm for coming snow, and last night was no exception: I watched happily as a correspondent, perfectly coiffed and amazingly unflappable despite fat snowflakes and howling winds, reported from atop a twenty-foot pile of plowed snow in Brick Township, NJ, giving unarguable proof that YES, IT IS SNOWING IN NEW JERSEY!! A LOT!!! I thrilled to blurry traffic cam footage later in the newscast, showing that the dread/beloved Nor’easter (is this even a Nor’easter? Is every snowstorm that hits Connecticut a Nor’easter?) HAS REACHED NEW HAVEN!!

I went to sleep with the bedroom shade open so I could watch the first flurries and wake, hopefully, to a fully realized snowpocalypse. And this morning, my faith in meteorology, sensationalist journalism, and climate emerged intact, as the following photos, all taken at great personal risk to my person inasmuch as I was required to draw perilously near to the mighty blizzard, amply demonstrate:



One Response to “Citizen Journalism at its Finest: Shut-in Nature Photography”

  1. Alice said

    Hoppy never looked lovelier.

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