Fat Lip

December 3, 2010

From watching television, or really, from reading the snarky yet informative blog posts of people who watch television, I glean that there are people who spend a lot of effort and concern on their bodies. I don’t mean just muscly, consciously tan people like those on Jersey Shore, but other folks who seem to have their self-worth very tied up with their bodies. Generally, I don’t feel like that: My body feels like mostly a necessary vessel to get me to places, things, and people I care about.

Of course, that’s not entirely true: I take some care in dressing and grooming myself, and I would probably be more conscious of my body if I had any difficulty in controlling my weight or otherwise had some obvious and generally ill-regarded deviation from general expectations. (Not that I’m some Adonis or something. But I’m naturally skinny and not excessively funny-looking, despite what my father says.) But in general, I don’t care too much about my body.

As a result (I surmise), I have the habit of incurring minor injuries and ignoring them, to the point where I mostly don’t even know how I got them. Not too long ago, my left elbow swelled overnight with bursitis and looked like it had swallowed a kiwi. When I went to have it drained, the doctor told me it was the result of some trauma, and I was entirely unable to recall any recent elbow bonks. Likewise, my hands pretty much always have some interesting cuts and burns that I can’t explain, incurred (probably) in cooking the kitchen or fixing bicycles in the garage. Even my face catches it now and then – I clip myself on doors and cabinets and things. None of this troubles me.

A few days ago, however, I suddenly developed a fat lower lip, of the sort one might incur in a scuffle. (I have not been in any scuffles lately, nor otherwise been struck in the face.) This did bother me because somehow, it was just right to make me dribble milk from my mouth while eating cereal, and I love eating cereal, so that was a problem. Also, it’s chapped lip season, and having a misshapen lip makes me compulsively lick my lips, which makes them chapped, which is annoying. But what can I do? Nothing, except say, “What up, fat lip?” and be reminded that the song, “What up, Fatlip” is a great song, and that I would like to make a compilation of rap songs that touch on the “I am no longer cool” theme. In addition to Fatlip’s recent opus, it would include “Fallin'” by De La Soul and Teenage Fanclub (from the “Judgment Night” soundtrack):

What other songs could be on this list?


2 Responses to “Fat Lip”

  1. Not excessively funny-looking. Just funny-looking enough.

  2. “incurred (probably) in cooking the kitchen”
    Cooking the kitchen explains a lot, though not necessarily about fat lips.

    And, btw, I suffer that same problem (not the lip, but the unexplainable minor injuries), so it’s probably genetic, though I explain the funny-looking part as coming down your mother’s line.

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