Further Cargo Bike Developments

November 20, 2010

My mighty (slow) cargo tricycle has already served me very well. First, there was the Halloween iteration, made by building three sides of a plywood around the cargo compartment and painting jack-o-lantern motifs:

Halloween Mobile

Halloween Mobile

In action on the fateful night, with five costumed passengers:

5 in the Halloween buggy

Then, there have been a few instances of more mature cargo, such as this one, in which I ferried my friend Luis home after a few drinks:

Carro oficial del concejal

I also ferried my friend Kenny, and his bicycle, from my house in West Hartford to his house on Laurel Street in Hartford. We didn’t get any pics of that because that was a long distance with a heavy load, so we were trading off pedaling duties and thinking more about keeping our hearts from jumping out of our chests than of taking photographs.

Most importantly, though, the trike has become my everyday commuting bicycle, which is a little bit absurd, since it weighs about 100 pounds, but also a lot awesome. I take Max to school in it, then head on to the office. (Right now, Max is a first-grade celebrity because of his unusual ride. I am taking bets on how long before he will insist on being dropped off at the end of the block to avoid mortifying embarrassment, but for now it’s nice that he likes it.) It turns the four-mile trip into a vigorous workout, which is good, and it makes it easy for me to stop for groceries on the way home, or to drop off a pair of bicycle frames at a friend’s house in Hartford, as I did yesterday. Luckily, my office has bike parking:

My reserved parking space at work

I just ordered a three-speed wheel to replace the single speed I’m working with now, so pretty soon the trike can become not just my hauling bike and my commuting bike, but my touring bike as well! I’m also working on plans for attaching a plow.


One Response to “Further Cargo Bike Developments”

  1. Have you considered a plan for attaching a mind, since you’ve obviously lost yours?

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