The Gray Skies of Impending Winter

November 8, 2010

Although the occasion of rolling clocks back for the end (or the beginning? who knows?) of Daylight Savings Time is always accompanied by much hew and cry about the wisdom of toying with nature’s order for something so trifling as the perception of more light, the simple fact is that this is the time of year when the days are sparse, the nights long, and the sky, even at its brightest, is brooding and mottled and dim. Over the two weeks leading up to the fall-back weekend, that familiar chill of impending snow came into the air, and middling gray clouds seemed to settle in comfortably over the whole sky. Leaves were raked and leaf piles frolicked in, and I even got a nice day yesterday of meandering around Boston with hands deep in pockets and face tucked into collar against the wind. And then, like clockwork, we woke up this morning to snow on the ground in Hartford and sleet filling the air. Hello again, Winter. I need a stiff drink.

Property Line, West Hartford, Conn.

Leaf pile in the truck

Lawrence Street, October 29

Elizabeth Park rose garden

Boston, under a brooding sky

A gray Autumn day in Boston


2 Responses to “The Gray Skies of Impending Winter”

  1. Alice said

    Wonderful photos. Re stiff drinks: Boozy Hot Chocolate time!

  2. This idiom, meaning a loud clamour or public outcry, contains the obsolete word hue, which people these days know only as a slightly formal or technical word for a colour or shade. As a result, you sometimes see the phrase written as hew and cry.

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