Pedal Trash Can

September 6, 2010

Somerville Crew

Children are a joy, and to have one’s two children joined for an afternoon visit by two others, old neighborhood friends from Somerville, is more than double the joy. But when four kids under eight are together, running the house while grownups drink beer in the yard, even the most well-mannered youths will invariably wreak some destruction. Yesterday, in the case of the youths shown above, the item destroyed was the pedal on our pedal-open trashcan. It was snapped clean off, presumably be repeated trauma from little feet.

After the guests were gone and our boys were in bed, I took the trashcan apart to see if it could be saved. It turned out it was mostly intact, but I would need to replace the pedal. But what could I use?

Pedal replacement for pedal trashcan


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