Greetings from Cape Cod

August 23, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday of last week were trying at work, not in the sense that I wasn’t happy or that I wasn’t doing well, but that I was once again banging my head against the intransigence of the juvenile justice system and its inclination to disregard scientific knowledge of adolescent brains in favor of a retrograde instinct toward reflexive punishment predicated on a presumption of guilt. In other words, my planned four-day weekend on the Cape couldn’t have come at a better time.

Brooding, pre-dawn sky over Ballston Beach, Truro, Mass.

Dawn, Ballston Beach, Truro, Mass.

Bianca, Dahlia, Reuben, Max, Anna, and Lucy

Max and Lucy, hunting for crabs

Max, with a captured crab

Bianca and Anna


One Response to “Greetings from Cape Cod”

  1. Your mother's ex said

    The photo of Max and his new pet is wonderful.

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