Life-Changing Acquisitions

July 23, 2010

I tend not to subscribe to the philosophy that any material possession can fundamentally change my life or improve me as a person. Certainly, there are conveniences, luxuries, even necessities, and I have been known to covet fancy things I cannot have – bicycles, mostly. But every now and then, I do come across an item offered for sale that sets my imagination on fire – an item that, if purchased, might well be the first step in a radical departure from my habits and routines, a foray into an exciting new version of me. That happened to me today:

Tempting (New Haven, Conn.)


2 Responses to “Life-Changing Acquisitions”

  1. Chris said

    In the mid 90’s, I worked in an upholstery shop that specialized in automotive interiors. One of the regular customers owned a few Chrysler Newports, circa 1968. One one occasion, I was assigned to drive the convertible to the customer’s house to pick him up. The experience of piloting a 4,000 pound bargeload of outsized luxurious Americana (top-down, of course) was a guilty pleasure, but undeniably wonderful.

  2. Brendan said

    It’s got a flat tire.

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