Toy City

June 14, 2010

Ah the discontents of bourgeois parenthood: Toys just accumulate and accumulate. Globalization and overseas labor exploitation have made shiny, articulated, plastic masterpieces frighteningly accessible; Television and billboards and ingenious cross-platform cereal marketing have made them irresistibly desirable; and fawning relatives make sure that these toys find their way to our house.

As parents, we try to resist. We tell the relatives to ease up, to no avail. We limit television and other sources of advertising, but that tactic is effectively defeated once our kids begin kindergarten. Mostly, we just throw up our hands, conducting periodic, ineffective purges as our homes are more and more given over to an army of small, semi-disposable playthings.

And then, one day, we set about cleaning up the basement, and inspiration strikes. Suddenly, all these dinosaurs and farm animals and trains and knights errant, which had once seemed but a hodge-podge of mismatched junk, find a home together in a perfect world – anachronistic and not-to-scale, but somehow marvelously harmonious. Behold, the mighty melting pot that is TOY CITY:

Toy City


One Response to “Toy City”

  1. Alice said

    Love it! How long does it stay that way?

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