In which photos and text are unrelated

May 23, 2010

Beauty Time, West Hartford, Conn.

Spaghetti Warehouse, Hartford

I was driving and came to a four-way stop sign. I waited for the car to my right to go, then I fixed to go, and just then an old dude all done up in fancy spandex bike-riding costumery rode up to the stop sign to my left. Since I was there first, I proceeded, but he didn’t stop and rolled right into the path of my left turn, forcing me to stop short. This was unremarkable, and hardly worthy of comment, let alone blog entry – people do marginally dumb things that slow me down a tiny bit all the time. BUT THEN HE SHOOK HIS FINGER AS IF TO SCOLD ME, and that was just too much. I am a person who mostly rides bicycles, and I am sympathetic to the dangers cyclists encounter every day in traffic. But when a person is in the wrong, that person should not scold the person who is in the right. ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT PERSON IS WEARING A DORKY MATCHING SPANDEX COSTUME. That is all.


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