Shared Values

February 28, 2010

In my youth, said the sage, as he shook his gray locks . . .

When I was a young man in New York, you could go to a club, or more precisely, a bar where music was played and dancing tolerated, and somehow you knew that black, white, or hispanic, every patron would share certain fundamental understandings and expectations. Foremost among these, if I remember correctly, was that when “The Choice is Yours,” by the Black Sheep, was played, it was the duty of every person in the place to sing along to the “Engine Engine Number Nine” part, and to shout lustily, “Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!” (If you wanted to continued with “back on the scene, crispy and clean,” that was OK too.)

In those days, truly, we had a shared knowledge of what constituted not just a danceable, but a dance-mandatory song. Nowadays, in the place where I live at, not so much. Case in point: I was, for various reasons too odd to recount (cough – Snuggie pub crawl – cough), in an establishment in West Hartford where young people gather to dance and drink intoxicating liquors. As last call neared, the DJ was allowing the musical selection to descend ever further into the realm of techno-influenced drivel, and the crowd was playing the wall like you wouldn’t believe. I suggested to said DJ (wisely, I thought) that “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock would serve to get the party jumping. He seemed to agree, as he put that track on the loudspeakers for all to enjoy. And you know what? NOTHING. A few people and I were dancing and singing along (“Don’t need friends, that act like foes, ’cause I’m Rob Base, the one who knows, about things, that make you get weary, don’t fear me, just hear me out, ’cause I got the clout, shout [ho!], before I turn the party out” &c.), but basically, the public was unmoved by that seminal anthem.

I can only conclude that West Hartford, and perhaps all of Connecticut, has lost its way. Hopefully, with these two tracks, you, dear reader, can find your way:


2 Responses to “Shared Values”

  1. Rich H. said

    Keep fighting the good fight, my friend.

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