VINDICATION: The New York Times Reads My Blog

February 18, 2010

Can there be any other explanation? Less than a month ago, in my weekly perusal of the New York Times’ wedding announcements, I noticed that the gray lady had referred to Trinity College “in Connecticut,” so I took the paper to task for not giving long-suffering Hartford its due. And now, wouldn’t you know it, another Trinity grad has engaged in nuptials somehow worthy of the paper of record’s glowing attention. This time, they did it right, describing her as having graduated from “Trinity College in Hartford.” Not only did they (rightly) specify the city where Trinity is located, they (again, rightly) dispensed with the state name – because seriously, when we say Hartford, where else could we mean? (Sorry, 16 other Hartfords in the U.S.)

Downtown Hartford, from Cedar Mountain
Yay, Hartford! I took this picture from Cedar Mountain on Monday.


One Response to “VINDICATION: The New York Times Reads My Blog”

  1. Bill said

    But don’t rest on your laurels!

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