I Like Twitter

January 31, 2010

Me: Oh, hi – you’re an onion bagel w/ chive cream cheese, red onion, tomato, and lox? Well I’m a hungry New York Jew: GET IN MY TUMMY!!!

megmagdah: Where did you get it? Also, I think I’m going to try to make bagels this year.

Me: amazingly, stop & shop on New Park has really first rate bagels. as for making your own, that is a heady endeavor. report back.

megmagdah: I live for heady endeavors.

Me: it occurs to me that “Heady Endeavors” sounds like the name of a drag queen.

megmagdah: Which is kind of perfect for me to identify as my raison d’etre.

Me: I wish there were a way to retweet whole exchanges like this one.

megmagdah: From wholesome breakfast to drag queens in three steps.

Me: God bless the inerwebs.


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