Dear New York Times: Be Kind to Hartford

January 24, 2010

There was a time when I lived in Brooklyn, and what went on outside the four (real) boroughs was of so little consequence to me that I could scarcely be bothered to stay apprised of things like, say, the distinction (which, I am assured, does exist) between concepts like Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee. It would be fair to say that my notion of Hartford, if in fact I had one at that time, was so undeveloped as to be nearly nonexistent: I had memorized the state capitals in fourth grade, so it resided in my consciousness at the same abstract level as Concord, Frankfort, and Denver.

But now, through turns of fate that might justly be described as fitting and ironic (in the sense that I am a city snob who has fully abandoned the metropolis for provinces), I live in the Hartford area, and find myself, perhaps as a coping strategy, adopting the boosterism of a native. So when I read in the New York Times wedding announcements that the bridegroom “graduated from Trinity College in Connecticut [emphasis added], I simply must object: Hartford is a hard-luck town. It needs all the help and good publicity it can get. It was nice of you, New York Times, to take note of the Wadsworth Atheneum as worth the trip, but I know that when New Yorkers hear “Connecticut,” they think of Greenwich, Darien, Westport, and the like (provided they think anything at all). So when you mention Trinity, have the good graces to say that it’s in Hartford. There’s no reason to begrudge the capital city some credit for a 31-year-old reporter for Politico who has just married a medicare spending analyst at the Department of Health and Human Services. Thank you. That is all.


3 Responses to “Dear New York Times: Be Kind to Hartford”

  1. Amanda said


  2. Rich said

    Also guilty of this type of behavior: local television affiliates. They all seem to market themselves as “NBC Connecticut” or “Connecticut Breaking News” despite the fact that 1) they don’t service the entire state, and 2) the broadcast power reaches another state entirely. Other places I’ve lived always identified with a city or town. We could understand where “WIVB 4 Buffalo” was coming from even though we lived 2 hours away. “WETM Elmira, serving the Twin Tiers.” Would people really get upset in Meriden if news organizations identified with “Hartford” or “New Haven” or “Bridgeport” if that’s where they broadcast from?

    Here’s a list of actual locations of local channels:

  3. […] I noticed that the gray lady had referred to Trinity College “in Connecticut,” so I took the paper to task for not giving long-suffering Hartford its due. And now, wouldn’t you know it, another […]

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