Concerning Journalism

January 24, 2010

Every time there is a massive humanitarian disaster, the question arises of how much journalists should intervene to help the people whose suffering they are covering. You remember a while back, when Sanjay Gupta was in the midst of reporting in Iraq and just broke out and did brain surgery on some kid? Yeah, well, he just can’t help himself: he did more brain surgery on a Haitian kid last week. Even Anderson Cooper, who is not a doctor, is getting in on this helping kids action. Naturally, some high-fallutin’ defenders of “journalistic ethics” (those are scare quotes, by the way) always have to come around and ask whether all of this is appropriate. Basically, they take the position that journalists should just record events, that the only way they can strike blows for justice is by informing those who might take action. You know what I say to that?

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One Response to “Concerning Journalism”

  1. Brett said

    “Medically and morally, I thought it was absolutely the right thing to do,” Gupta said. “It was a heroic — it was not an elective operation, it was a heroic attempt to try to save the child’s life.”

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