Hot Pants!

January 18, 2010

Our downstairs bathroom shares a wall with our garage, and as a result is always cold in the winter, despite the best efforts of the feeble radiator. To counteract this, we keep a space heater in the bathroom, which we turn on when we go in. Of course, one little space heater can’t quickly counteract the effects of a long, cold night, so that toilet seat can be pretty frigid first thing in the morning. Luckily, there is a reward for the suffering: If you train the heater right on your feet, it inevitably works its magic on whatever happens to be around your ankles and calves, so when you are finished with your business, you get a delightfully warm garment. James Brown, tell ’em what I’m talking about:


One Response to “Hot Pants!”

  1. fatbo said

    you should get one of those timers people use when they’re out of town to turn their lights on and off so nobody knows they’re out of town. except instead of using it for crime prevention, you should use to turn on your heater a little while before you wake up.

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