Live, From New York

December 30, 2009

On vacation in Brooklyn with the fam. Here are some pictures:

Sophie at a playground, Brooklyn

Here’s a picture of Max’s friend Sophie at a playground. If you click on the picture, you can see a larger version that should more or less fit on your screen. The original is nice, although too big for computers. You can look at it here.

Sophie & Max

Sophie and Max.

Trees, Brooklyn

Trying too hard with the artsyness? Maybe, but I like this picture anyway.

We went to see a puppet show. Here’s a picture from the puppet theater, where puppets from other shows were hanging on all the walls.

African Street Merchants, Broadway near Canal

For reasons not clear to me, Canal Street was crawling with Africans purveying counterfeit watches and wallets. Their number seemed to exceed any conceivable demand for their wares, let alone space on the sidewalk to transact business, so they were milling about with their bundles all over the place.

Reading Shakespeare aloud

This woman was sitting across from me on the C train, reading aloud very quietly from the complete works of Shakespeare.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

I went to the Met to check out the Robert Frank exhibit. It was cool. (This is not it. This is just a different part of the Met.)

14th and 8th

14th Street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan.

We went to one of my favorite museums of all time, the Transit Museum. I took many many pictures there, but most of them are boring unless you’re a subway nerd like me. This one, however, must surely be of universal appeal, as it contains the lovely Anna and the delightful Reuben.

That’s all, folks.

Happy New Year


3 Responses to “Live, From New York”

  1. kerri said

    I went to the Transit Museum for my birthday and LOVED it, especially the counterfeit token section.

  2. Coffey said

    Outstanding photo diary! Can’t WAIT to get back to NYC.

  3. Meghan said

    Oh my – if you don’t read Shakespeare out loud, you’re not doing it right. Looks like a delightful trip.

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