Man vs. Town

December 23, 2009

West Hartford is particular about its recycling pick-up rules. How do I know this? Well, it started right when I moved here, lo those many (2.5) years ago. I went to Town Hall to get an official blue town recycling bin and they were all out and awaiting a shipment of more. The lady there told me to hold onto my recyclables for a week until I could get a bin, but I had a better idea: I took an old blue plastic storage bin, carefully stencilled the little three-arrowed recycling symbol on it, and put my recyclables out by the kerb in it. And it worked! They took the recycling. Unfortunately, they also took the bootleg bin. Trife, right? So trife.

I have learned, too, that items not placed in or atop the recycling bin will not be collected. How have I learned this? The way I learn most things: by doing. Instead of just taking the extra stuff that I put in a paper bag beside the overstuffed bin, they left it, along with a note, informing me that they don’t take stuff if it’s not in the bin. Seriously.

So these rules present a problem for me and my family, because we are forgetful. Every now and then, we neglect to put our recycling out and have to double up the next week. That is the case right now, but the situation is extremely serious because Hannukah was last week, and our children received many toys in cardboard packages. (From relatives. We prefer to be traditional and give them shekels.) Further complicating matters, we hosted my office holiday party, which produced many empty beer and wine bottles. Now we have about six times as much recycling as will fit in the blue bin.

Some men, when faced with this dilemma, might purchase a second bin (a move the town allows and probably encourages). Others might endeavor to parcel out the surplusage over coming weeks, being sure never to miss a week. BUT NOT THIS MAN! No, I see West Hartford’s oppressive recycling rules for what they are: a challenge, and a chance to express my freedom-loving, American individualism and ingenuuity. So to the Town of West Hartford, I say, GAME ON:

(Do you need a soundtrack to go along with my defiant attitude? Here it is. (NSFW))


3 Responses to “Man vs. Town”

  1. G said

    I’ve been using a big blue garbage can for mine for years now (here in WH), never had an issue…not questioning your story, mind you, just saying…

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