Prime Minister

December 19, 2009

Glen, my best friend in the whole world, whom I have known for 26 years, is to be wed to Carolyn, his lovely and delightful fiance. This is a very nice thing, because Glen is probably the kindest person I know, and much deserving of the happiness that Carolyn brings him. Having watched many of my close friends weather some less-than-optimal relationships, it is especially nice to see my very best friend engaged to someone so clearly right for him, who matches his wit and warmth and seems just right for his disposition.

Yesterday, to add to my joy about the whole thing, Glen told me that he and Carolyn would like me to officiate, which is possibly the most amazing and exciting honor anyone could bestow on me. Of course, my goal will be to do whatever I can to make their wedding perfect for them in the way they envision. (Also, depending on what state they elect to marry in, I may have to take up the cloth.) But until they tell me what they have in mind, my plan is to go with this:


One Response to “Prime Minister”

  1. I'm with stupid said

    Finally, a man of the cloth instead of a man of the bar.

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