Halloween Ride

November 1, 2009

Rhino (Max) and Leopard (Reuben)

Before it started raining like crazy, tonight was about as splendid an evening as you could ask for: good for trick-or-treating, good for baseball (even if the stupid Yankees won), and marvelous for a bike ride. So after my two boys were in bed (there’s them above as a rhino and a leopard), I set out toward the river with no particular itinerary in mind. Naturally, I took some pictures . . .

After going down Park to Main, then down Charter Oak and under the freeway to Riverfront Park, I rode to the north end of the park and out the dike to the old railroad bridge north of the Bulkeley Bridge. I left my bike sitting beside the train tracks while I walked out on the bridge:
My bike, by the old railroad bridge

There are several neat things about that bridge. First, it just looks cool:
Railroad Bridge, looking toward East Hartford

Railroad bridge over Conn. River, Hartford

Second, it affords lovely views, both of downtown . . .

. . . and of the river to the north, in all its undeveloped glory:
The mighty Connecticut, looking north from railroad bridge, Hartford

Finally, and for this I don’t have a picture, the bridge is one of those rare places that is so close to the city but feels so far away. In the middle of the span, the rumble of 91 is almost inaudible, while the gurgling of the current as it swirls around the foundations is right there, along with frogs, birds, and other nighttime nature sounds.

After a while on the bridge it started to rain, so I headed home. Downtown was abuzz with Halloween revelers, most of them, it seemed, dressed as sexy this or sexy that. (I swear, I saw a number of women in costumes that were fundamentally just hot pants and tight shirts, with only the most pro forma nod to the notion of looking like anything other than a woman in tight clothes. Do I object to this? Not too much, but come on! Try a little, ladies. Real costumes are fun.) Here’s the line outside Black-Eyed Sally’s (or the Pig’s Eye Pub):
Halloween revelers, downtown Hartford

Then I cut through Bushnell Park and stopped by that fountain with the Indians:
Bushnell Park

And then I went home. On Park Road, a beat-up Celica with no lights cruised slowly behind me for a while and I thought, “Oh jeez, here comes that part of Halloween I don’t love,” and steeled my self to be pelted by eggs. Instead, the car pulled up beside me and a teenager hung his head out and asked where I was headed. “Home,” I said. “Alright,” he jovially replied, and that was that. (The part of me that is in the business of looking out for the legal interests of teenagers wished I could give that young man and his companions this friendly advice: “You probably know how West Hartford Police roll when it comes to black people in cars at night. You also can probably guess that WHPD is on high alert, given that tonight is Halloween. So why tempt fate by driving with your lights off? Seriously – that’s drama you don’t need.” But they were gone before I had a chance to say any more. Good luck and Happy Halloween, you friendly, no-lights teens!)


2 Responses to “Halloween Ride”

  1. Alice said

    The photos are wonderful! Do you have any more of the boys from Halloween?????

  2. […] before at how quickly one can go from city to country in Connecticut. All you have to do is walk out on the old railroad bridge north of the Bulkeley Bridge for an example of how wondrously cheek-by-jowl the city and country live in Connecticut, especially […]

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