Running Down a Dream

October 27, 2009

On the whole, I would say that I am fundamentally satisfied with my life: My wife is a hilarious, brilliant, delightful woman. My children, while they are terrorists who hate our freedom, are also charming and kind and endlessly, marvellously surprising. And despite a complicated relationship with my boss and a much too intimate relationship with the Merritt Parkway, my job is pretty much awesome: I help teenagers, I put the Department of Children and Families in its place as needed, and my clients tell me I’m a gangster, which is pretty much the highest praise they can think of.

Still, sometimes I wonder if I’m following my dreams. When I lived in Boston, a friend and I had the idea to open a law firm / bar. That was a dream: two businesses that need the same prime real estate, but at different times of day, and with largely overlapping client bases. Brilliant, right? But liquor licenses were expensive and there would be no health insurance, and we let that dream fall by the wayside. In Hartford, all us bicycle nerds talk about opening a really first-rate bike shop (sorry, Ray Taksar, you’re just never open), with community-oriented , recycle-a-bike programs and coffee and an atmosphere that invites neighbors to stop by and hang out. But somehow, we never get around to it. From time to time, I bat around solid-gold ideas for charter schools, urban farms, proletarian armed uprisings, and other great stuff, but then I get home and there are dishes to wash, noses to wipe, and, well, so it goes.

Luckily, someone in my family is living his dreams. This week at kindergarten, Max is VIP, which means there’s a bulletin board in the classroom all about him, with pictures, favorite toys, and the like. It also includes this questionnaire:

Kung Fu Master

Take note of the last item. Then look at this photo, in which Max demonstrates something he learned this evening in his first Tae Kwon Do class:


Internets, that is a man who is living life to the fullest.


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