October 17, 2009

Leopards figure prominently in the cosmology of our household. Local shamans frequently engage in rituals in which they are transformed into leopards as a way to express their emotions, chiefly concerning the mandated consumption of dinner and other hardships visited on this small, primitive community of hunter-gatherers. During prosperous times, leading members of the tribe will commission artisans to create representations of the powerful leopard totem, thought to ward off bad guys. Below, one such work, requested by Reuben (2) and created by Dad (32) and Max (5). Experts believe, based on marker-strokes and other indicia of style, that the head was created entirely by Max (known for his heavy use of the lopsided circle) while the body is a collaboration between Max and Dad.



4 Responses to “Artifact”

  1. fatbo said


  2. Alice said

    A leopard shrine, with candles and incense and other trinkets, would be great.

  3. Heather B said

    I really like the expression on the face, as well as its treatment with (what I assume to be) pencil.

  4. “Experts believe”
    I’m always a little concerned by the use of anonymous sources.

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