Number One Dad Status: Intact

October 5, 2009

A while back, Reuben, who is two, came to me with scissors and paper and said, “Cut a picture of me and you.” I congratulated myself heartily at the time, because I made this cool papercutting:

Me, holding Reuben

But when it comes to being a championship father, the greatest error is to rest on one’s laurels. Luckily, Max had asked me some time ago to make him a rhino costume for Halloween, providing yet another opportunity for top-flight dadliness:

Rhino mask

Cardboard and masking tape armature, plaster on top, gray spraypaint, and two googly eyes. Now I just have to get him a gray zip-up hoodie and sew a tail on it.


One Response to “Number One Dad Status: Intact”

  1. Alice said

    ExTREMEly cool.

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