Doodling / Engaging Attentively

October 1, 2009

Today I was in a meeting. The ordinary next turn in this brief narrative would be to say that the meeting was really really boring. But it wasn’t a Parent Teacher Organization meeting – I know from recent experience that those are boring. No, this was a work meeting, and it was actually quite engaging – there was a lot of lively back-and-forth and some good ideas were generated. (I know, hearing me relate why the meeting was good is about as boring as sitting in a PTO meeting, but trust me, it was a good meeting.) Also, I doodled (which does not contradict the assertion that the meeting was interesting, but actually shows that I am scientifically dedicated to remembering what happened), and I like how the doodle came out, so I am sharing it with you, dear Internets. But I have blurred out some parts, because I’m all about blogging anonymously, since I have heard it’s the best way to get a book deal.



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