Suburb Win

September 29, 2009

I grouse about the suburbs a lot: the isolation; the segregation; the climate- and health-ruining car dependency; the blandness. But every now and then, I am reminded that there is something to all this. Usually, these moments of suburban emotional accommodation are garden related, and today’s was no exception: We harvested the burgeoning fruit of our backyard pumpkin patch, to wit, five hefty orange jack-o-lanterns-to-be and one more modest, human-head-sized, green specimen (which may yet be a jack-o-lantern as well). No one in West Hartford seems to grow pumpkins in their yards, and this is just one more thing about the town I can’t understand: Pumpkins are very low-maintenance and they make magnificent, sprawling, yellow-flowered brambles that convert ordinarily controlled suburban greenery into something a fair bit more wild (oh, maybe that’s why people don’t plant them). Also, what could be more satisfying than the sight of a happy yeoman bringing his waxy orange crop to market?

Farmer Max, with his harvest


2 Responses to “Suburb Win”

  1. Alice said

    Completely love this photo.

  2. And they say they don’t make yeoman like they used to.

    A base canard!

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