September 28, 2009


Over the weekend, I had the irksome pleasure of a family reunion. Irksome because it was in Ithaca, which, while beautiful, was the victim of a grievous error on the part of its founding fathers, in that it was sited five and a half hours from Hartford; a pleasure because it’s always nice to see family. Also, I came in contact with a few other important things that reaffirmed my belief in the wonderfulness of life:

First, on Friday afternoon, hurrying home from a busy day of work, I realized I would never make the long drive to Ithaca without some food (I had skipped lunch). So I stopped at Long Wharf in New Haven and went to the Santa Apolonia taco truck for a chicken quesadilla. Damn. White frying cheese, jalapeños, french fries, mmm mmm mmm. I really lack words to express just how great their quesadillas are. Great enough to make a long drive seem less daunting.

Black Rage, 1968, front cover

Black Rage, 1968, back cover

Then, at a relative’s house in Ithaca, I discovered this enlightened (and, one imagines, enlightening) title, published in 1968. I couldn’t quite bring myself to steal it from its spot on the shelf, but if I had, I would have put it on my imaginary bookshelf next to the book I once saw a guy reading on the subway in Brooklyn, which I would equally have liked to peruse: “Why the White Man is the Devil.” (OK, yeah, this book isn’t exactly delightful as much as it is appalling and anachronistic, but it is so earnest as to be silly, and by the way, it was shelved, inadvertently, I think, next to a novel called “Lily White.”)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Donut

Finally, this morning while running out for milk, I discovered the greatest culinary innovation of our time: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Donut. Mmmm.


5 Responses to “Discoveries”

  1. Alice said

    Well, if you had read the e-mail from your family member about directions to Ithaca, which was sent out specifically to warn about the bad directions which are on just about every directions site, it would have taken you under five hours instead of five and a half or six. Nonetheless, you might consider that a family reunion would not be a family reunion were it not irksome.

  2. El Prez said

    Oh, dear aunty. We took your route on the way home and it was just as long. Ithaca is irremediably far away.

    • Alice said

      Or is it W. Hartford that is irremediably far away? At least Ithaca isn’t suburbia…it’s ten square miles surrounded by reality – much more your style.

    • Rich said

      Generally, with clear weather and no traffic through either Capital Region, it takes me about 4:15 to travel between Hartford and Ithaca, including one brief stop for gas or food.

      Having grown up in Upstate NY, a 3-4 hour drive is considered reasonable and normal. Here in CT, travel times are looked at differently. People freak out if you have to drive more than 20 minutes somewhere.

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