Introducing A Crusader For Justice

September 24, 2009

Dramatis Personae: DAD, a dad, is driving. MAX, a five-year-old, is in his booster seat on the passenger side.
Scene: In a pick-up truck, bumping along Route 9. DAD has just picked MAX up from kindergarten and is taking him to his mother’s work so DAD can go to a work appointment. As the scene begins, they are discussing MAX’s day at kindergarten.

DAD: So who else did you play with?
MAX: Well, at lunch I made friends with Aidan. We sat together and talked about farts.
DAD: Really?
MAX: It was so funny. And you know what?
DAD: What?
MAX: We made up a new superhero. Guess what he’s called.
DAD: Fart Man?
MAX [surprised]: How did you know?!
DAD: [laughing, trying to keep from crashing the truck]
MAX: So, you want to know how Fart Man fights bad guys?
DAD: How?
MAX: He just shoots farts at them.
DAD: From a gun?
MAX: No. From his butt. He just shoots them out, and the bad guys all go away.
DAD [laughing, crying]: Is it the smell that makes the bad guys leave?
MAX: Yeah. The farts are so stinky, the bad guys just get out of there. Also, he shoots out farts that just punch the bad guys down [MAX makes a sharp jab in the air with his right fist], and that way, the bad guys are always defeated.


One Response to “Introducing A Crusader For Justice”

  1. Rich said

    So you’re raising the next incarnation of Howard Stern. I wouldn’t show MAX the wikipedia entry for “Fartman” until he’s ready to accept the power of his imagination.

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