CT Urban Revival is Alive! On the Internets

September 22, 2009

Bridgeport Waterfront
Bridgeport’s waterfront

I spend a lot of time complaining about the state of cities and public transportation in Connecticut. But today I realized that my problem is easily solved, and the solution, as is so often the case, is MORE INTERNETS! A friend pointed out today that Hartford’s Front Street District, still largely in the planning stages (OK, they have finished the mediocre but attractive CT Science Center), is fully realized when it comes to its web site. Likewise, Bridgeport’s perennially unrealized Steelpoint Harbor, the current iteration of which has accomplished nothing more in two years than the demolition of a historic house and the replacement of chainlink fences with sturdier wrought iron, is in full virtual flower. And to connect them in our utopian, urban future present, we can ride on the Springfield-to-New Haven commuter train line that also only exists online.

Ironically, I can’t find a slick, flash-heavy website to document the chronic delays at the junction of 91 south and 95 (where stupid highway planners inexplicably merge two lanes to one on the ramp and stupid drivers inexplicably cannot take turns merging), but that little multimedia experience is all too real.


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