Damn! More Bad News for Mets Fans

September 19, 2009

It doesn’t take much to get me to tell you that I am from Brooklyn, nor that I am the fifth generation of my family to come from there. As such, my father, and his parents before him, and their parents and so on, were all Brooklyn Dodgers fans and virulent Yankees haters. So when the Dodgers left Brooklyn, the family was left with no team to support, and a surfeit of hate in its collective heart. Because we are a fundamentally loving people, the hate didn’t sit well, and when the Mets came to New York, it was natural that the family would adopt them. By the time I came around, my dad and great grandfather were all avid Mets fans (they took me to my first game, around 1984, which was a terrible drubbing of the home team by the visiting Dodgers, historically enough; true to baseball purist form, neither of them even considered leaving early, despite the fact that it meant keeping me up till midnight when I was much too young for such carousing). I can remember talking baseball with my great grandfather in his last days – when he confided to me that baseball was the only thing that kept him alive (he was 98 when he died), especially “watching this one kid, the lefty with the big swing, what’s his name? Raspberry?” “Darryl Strawberry, grandpa Victor?” “Yeah, that’s him. What a swing!”

Anyway, the point is that I am a Mets fan and always will be. This is a somewhat trying state of affairs, partly because the Mets are so lousy, and partly because I live here in the land of Yankees and Red Sox enthusiasts. (Mets fans make up just 9% of adults in Connecticut who follow baseball, according to a June, 2009, Quinnipiac poll.) (How lousy are the Mets? Aside from being 24 games out of first place, a recent discussion at my work retreat about whether a person can be a good leader if the endeavor he is leading fails kept coming back to Mets general manager Omar Minaya.)

Now, to add insult to injury, the Courant reports that Raymond Clark III, the suspect in the murder of Yale grad student Annie Le, was known as “a plain, calm New York Mets fan who usually wore a David Wright jersey” to his softball games. While I realize that this is about the least tragic bit of this whole awful story, it is annoying: the worst fan the Mets used to have was Bill O’Reilly. He’s pretty awful, but not in the same league as a crazy murderer. At least we still have Jerry Seinfeld, MC Serch, and P.G. Wodehouse (according to this site, anyway). And we have our memories:


3 Responses to “Damn! More Bad News for Mets Fans”

  1. Alice said

    *Alleged* crazy murderer.

  2. Rich said

    My dad was born in Queens in 1930. He was a Yankees fan, his brother was a Giants fan, and their father was a Dodgers fan. Lots of things happened, and I emerged as a Yankee fan growing up in Upstate NY with a healthy love of New York baseball history. I’ve found that Mets fans in general share that love and respect.

    The other thing that tends to allow me to connect with Mets fans, despite the often acrimonious feelings we have towards each other, is the puzzling lack of a strong Mets fan base here in CT. Just last week at the office, a new employee was grilled with the question “Yankees fan or Red Sox fan?” It always pisses me off because there are 28 other teams, including one that is just as geographically relevant. So I find myself encouraging Mets fans to speak out and show their pride and presence in this region. Doing so can only help soothe the abrasive madness that is the Yanks-Sox rivalry by injecting a 3rd voice.

  3. two minor corrections: 1) I was born in Manhattan and grew up on Long Island. Never lived in Brooklyn until I was grown. Granted, I spent many lovely hours in my grandparents home on East 40th Street. 2) When the three of us went to Shea, we saw the Giants clobber our beloved Mets.

    The universal truths, however, do not change.

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