Nighttime Bike Ride: So Nice

September 19, 2009

When one devotes significant portions of one’s day to working, driving, cooking, cleaning, snot-wiping, and the other requisites of responsible parenthood, there is a lot to be said for an evening-time ramble on a bicycle. Luckily, on Tuesday night my buddy Ken wanted to “kiss the river,” as he likes to say, so he led us on a zig-zag from his place off Farmington, through the Trinity campus, and eventually to the river, where we sat and talked for a spell. It was hardly a marathon (or its cycling equivalent), but it did wonders for my disposition.

The monument to Puerto Rican families, lately somewhat maligned, has apparently skirted controversy by honoring la familia boricua with a nice clean piece of plywood.

Downtown Hartford
From the path between I-91 and the river, downtown Hartford looks like, well, the sort of place that would benefit from a tripod if it is to be photographed at night.

Ken K., beside the river
There’s my boy Kenny, looking thoroughly noirish in the low light.


One Response to “Nighttime Bike Ride: So Nice”

  1. Brendan said

    I’ve got a picture of the monument before they covered it with wood. $5 gets you a copy 😉

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